Experience Eikos Partners

We are a small team at Eikos Partners. Everyone has experience working in cutting edge financial technology — at large commercial and investment banks, hedge funds and fintech startups. Around that core we have built a team of people with multiple cores of expertise — business, IT management, architecture, software engineering and technologies.

Our goal is to bring better practices, and solution innovation, to the issues faced by financial institutions in meeting ongoing needs, in a constantly changing marketplace.

Our most important traits, after obvious business and technology skills, are impatience and a fear of boredom — we want to fix your problems, train your staff, work with business leaders and then move on to the next challenges. We heavily focus on the quality of the solutions we deliver, and are not driven by quantity.

We have some pretty well defined ideas of what is required to make a financial organization work, and we will implement those ideas, educate your business and technology leads, and then hand it over to you.

Eikos Partners is small and intense by design because we value the sharing of skills and the intensity of our work. We are technologists, not management consultants or industrial psychologists. However, in our experience many of the obstacles to effective technology operations revolve around people.

We work fast and as participants begin to see progress in stalled projects, they usually catch the enthusiasm and pitch in. As we develop a solution, we engage with the IT staff and train the people who will be responsible for maintaining and expanding its functionality. By the time we finish, our clients have a sustainable improvement in their operations.