We are always looking to leverage prior experience and process so that new projects can leverage this experience. As a result we have several toolkits that we leverage as we engage with existing and new clients and projects.

We try to develop close collaboration even in large banks spread over many floors. Our proof of concept (POC) approach to problem solving is pretty basic and easily understood — Listen, Develop, Present. Then repeat as often as necessary. The POC serves as a catalyst to improving communication between business and IT — we don’t inundate business with technical jargon or bury IT under hundreds of pages of documents and schematics.

We work fast and as participants begin to see progress in stalled projects, they usually catch the enthusiasm and pitch in. As we develop a solution, we engage with the IT staff and train the people who will be responsible for maintaining and expanding its functionality. By the time we finish, our clients have a sustainable improvement in their operations. We can build from the ground up where needed, but the industry already has significant amounts of infrastructure and data. So in many cases our work is bringing together existing resources and delivering them to the right people.