HTML5 inches closer to W3C Candidate Recommendations

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HTML5 development could be getting a boost.
HTML5 development could be getting a boost.

This week, Philippe Le Hégaret, the head of the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C's) Interaction Domain group, released a progress report on the HTML5 Web specifications as it moves closer to Candidate Recommendations. This is part of a plan that was put in motion in 2012 to reach this level by the end of 2014.

The HTML Working Group receives and tracks proposals from a variety of people in the community. Currently there are 97,000 tests for HTML5 which are tracked implementations of HTML5 features. The results show that at least two implementations work for 96.7 percent of available tests. The other 3.3 percent have failed because of how different browsers handle errors, though they do not reflect differences in implementations that will significantly affect interoperability of real-world running code.

Because of these tests, several features have been pulled from HTML5 due to their lack of implementation and stability, including the dialog elements, scoped style sheet, DataCue interface and drag-and-drop feature. These features are still present in the draft of HTML5.1.

"Advancing HTML 5.0 towards Recommendation status is just one step in advancing the Open Web Platform, a full-fledged programming environment for rich, interactive, cross-platform applications, with HTML5 at its core," Le Hégaret said.

He added that HTML5 is currently in "Last Call" phase, which means the W3C is accepting comments directed toward the changes made to HTML5 specification until July 15, 2014.

This recommendation will help launch HTML5 to a new level, while also providing a better landscape for HTML5 development teams to create with.

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