Window management on steroids



A new kid on the block has appeared, offering an alternative to desktop operating systems such as OpenFin and electron: welcome Glue42. We had the opportunity to use their toolkit and went to work. Given the breadth and depth of the technology as well as the industry’s struggle with last mile app integration, we started with Glue42’s window management functionality. As we delved into the toolkit, our initial skepticism dissipated.

Before we summarize our findings, let’s take a step back. Why window management? There are two main drivers. The obvious one is related to the significant growth of the number of desktop apps. As financial institutions grow, their application footprint increases leaving end users with a workflow that is spread across multiple applications and a cluttered desktop. Switching between applications now becomes cumbersome and time consuming. Hint. It shouldn’t be like that. Check out this video. 

The second driver is technological due to the rise of popularity in the use of micro frontends. The need for a way to manage these frontends becomes critical, which makes window management key in realizing a well-managed environment of interconnected micro applications. This is where in our view Glue42 shines.

To activate Glue42’s window management services you will need to add some scaffolding code to the application to allow it to participate. However, once added, your application can dock to other windows enabling any user to build a custom workspace. We leveraged JSCatalyst to do so. Since this is such an intuitive process, the technology increases the user's productivity and removes any room for error. Ultimately, this only adds to a firm’s operational efficiency and corporate governance efforts.

In Conclusion

As buy and sell side firms move towards the use of micro frontends / applications  to build out workflows, they require several key elements. Functionality such as window management, application discovery services, a solid communication infrastructure and defined message protocols, will enable applications to communicate seamlessly with each other, both locally and remotely. Glue42 provides services to address these needs. Its technology allows a developer to create an integrated environment where the user can discover applications with a workspace that is intuitive to each individual, so data can to be shared across applications freely and easily.

On September 25, 10 am ET, we will be hosting a webinar with Glue42 to demonstrate window management on steroids. 




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