Why we commercialized an open source JavaScript toolkit


Open Source

Digital transformation is hampered by misalignment between IT and the rest of the organization.

As developers, we typically spend a large portion of our time building software infrastructure to make building the business applications easier and quicker. The challenge when building this infrastructure is that it is time consuming if you do it the right way and therefore risks not being reusable across projects. Same for the developers’ focus when building applications. Shouldn’t this be on the business functionality and not the plumbing?

The sheer volume of projects overwhelms the capacity to deliver, and turns into a productivity drain. It is not sustainable and creates a vicious circle when it comes to resourcing, and business and IT misalignment.

This scenario is where a toolkit or framework comes into play. Something more than just React, Angular or Vue as there needs to be a higher-level abstraction as even these tool kits are too technologically heavy. It needs to be something that sits above these libraries.

Where I see value from toolkits such as JSCatalyst, our own JavaScript toolkit that accelerates fintech application development, is that it provides that higher-level tooling that helps developers focus on business functionality and a tool to declaratively build user interfaces that function across all types of devices and browsers.

Core features like skinning an application should be simple and almost a drop-in component. Utilizing docking for your desktop application should be straightforward and like the aforementioned be removed from the developer’s responsibility. It shouldn’t be more complex than creating a window that plays nice within the windowing environment, which can run on electron, OpenFin or a browser.

JSCatalyst prescribes an approach to developing JavaScript / HTML applications, and provides several libraries to support the prescribed approach.

As JSCatalyst matures, it will continue to enable the developer to focus on what the business needs in the short and long term, quickly – a critical prerequisite in today’s climate. Feedback from the developers and designers will forge the progress of JSCatalyst to further empower them. 

What enhancements would you like to see?

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