Integrating Complex D3 Visualizations into Vue

On a recent project, we were tasked with integrating a client's legacy D3 visualizations into our new, modernized user interface built on Vue.js. D3 is a powerful JavaScript library used for manipulating documents based on data. D3 operates on common tools - HTML, SVG, and CSS - and is therefore compatible with a variety of frameworks and architectures. Here, we discuss the pattern we used for integrating complex D3 visualizations into Vue.

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Best Practices for UI Design

Client-side front-end frameworks have become powerful tools in recent years. Many of these frameworks have a low learning curve and are simple to install and use. Along with companion CSS/component libraries, it is easier than ever to spruce up your interface with all the bells and whistles. As tempting as that might be, a well-designed and thought-out user interface (UI) is essential to maximizing user experience.

Topics: Design Thinking, UI

Vue.js: a powerful yet lightweight framework


Here at Eikos, we have started using Vue.js in our recent projects with much success. Although it is a relatively new framework, it’s lightweight and easy to integrate into existing applications, while still being a powerful tool when building both small components and sophisticated single-page applications. We recently published a blog post comparing the latest front-end technologies – including Vue, Angular 2+, and React – and explained why Vue.js has become our first choice for new projects. We like to think of the Vue ecosystem as having adopted the best parts of existing frameworks, while leaving clunky and outdated methodologies behind. In this article, we’ll discuss the technical aspects of Vue and the benefits it offers to developers when starting a new project or expanding on an existing endeavor.

Choosing An Ideal UI Framework

When evaluating options for a user interface JavaScript framework for your next application, it’s impossible to ignore the crowd favorites: Angular 2+, React, and Vue. Eikos developers have experience with all three frameworks and are familiar with the benefits and limitations of each. Although Vue is the new kid on the block, we have seen great results using it in our recent projects. In addition to being lightweight, versatile, and easy to navigate during the build, Vue is capable of handling complex single-page applications and lends itself to impressive performance gains.

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Our Thoughts on Design Thinking


A recent article in Finextra, Design Thinking pays off for BBVApresented an interesting view on the impact of a customer-first approach to developing applications, and the level of success that can be achieved measurably in business growth.