Case Study: Building a high performing hedge fund blotter



A top 10 hedge fund was dissatisfied with its existing order blotter. While implemented in the existing browser, it was not performing and the user interface was poorly designed and could not keep up with the 100K updates a minute. Furthermore, users were not able to have multiple windows open simultaneously or take advantage of late order entry. 

Untangling Your Capital Markets Systems Infrastructure

Capital Markets Systems Infrastructure (CMSI) is typically fraught with multiple systems from multiple vendors. When the major components, solutions, and vendors supporting the CMSI have been around for decades, why does this complexity and thorniness endure?

Should hedge funds buy or build?

While catching up with a former hedge fund colleague the topic of ‘buy’ or ‘build’ a solution dominated our discussion.  He spoke about his frustration with the Investment Management System (‘IMS’) he purchased that unexpectedly caused his team hundreds of man hours to implement into their fund accountant’s general ledger system. He finished the conversation with, “I paid over 100 percent but only needed 20 perecent of its capability!”

HTML5 in the trading room

The business requirement

A client needed to replace its execution management system (EMS) that was based on repurposed technology – an Excel sheet that had evolved over time. Given the increasingly critical role of the system, the level of usability and robustness was no longer sufficient. Its performance was lacking. The system was unable to keep up with market updates, leaving traders unsure of what e.g. constituted the current price versus the executed price.