ScaleJS + Webpack + ECMA2015 = future

We have used scaleJS to power our app development for many years now, and it continues to be a great tool in developing large apps. However, like most technologies, scaleJS must grow and change, and so we will be moving onto Webpack and ES6 modules for future app development because of the massive benefits they bring to the development workflow.

Should hedge funds buy or build?

While catching up with a former hedge fund colleague the topic of ‘buy’ or ‘build’ a solution dominated our discussion.  He spoke about his frustration with the Investment Management System (‘IMS’) he purchased that unexpectedly caused his team hundreds of man hours to implement into their fund accountant’s general ledger system. He finished the conversation with, “I paid over 100 percent but only needed 20 perecent of its capability!”

How to refactor code

I have always been a fan of refactoring, ever since my intern days. My earliest coding sessions were always reviewed and refactored by a more experienced mentor. I still push for weekly sessions, which include discussions on design and direction, as well as deep dives into refactoring. But how exactly does one refactor? Below I have listed the four essential steps to do so.

Project Dremo - Part 1: Why You Need an Outlook App for Inline Images


Microsoft Outlook is the predominant email software for large corporations and entities, and although Outlook offers various filters to streamline your inbox, it does not currently have the capability to search for images embedded within the email body.

What is a software estimate? What is its purpose?

What are you talking about here, you might ask me? Don’t we know what an “estimate” is? You might think you already know the answer, but let me try to convince you to the opposite…

Here’s the dictionary definition of estimate:

1. A tentative evaluation or rough calculation.

2. A preliminary calculation of the cost of a project.

3. A judgment based upon one’s impressions; opinion.

(Source: The American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition, 1985.)

Multi page web applications vs. single page web applications

For the love of Linux

I began using Linux in 2011. Back then I was in college and had a friend who was a hardcore Linux fanatic. He introduced me to this strange new operating system called Ubuntu and at the time I did not realize what made this OS so great. Like most people, I came from a Windows background. A decade of point and click GUI interfaces had not adequately prepared me for the command line interface I would soon learn to love. Fast forward to today and I run Fedora on all my machines - even my work machine! It's been a few years and I have come to understand what makes Linux such a great OS for software development. 

Large scale JavaScript applications. What's your style?

These past few years have brought about an incredible shift in how web developers approach JavaScript. Every month a new framework is released, JavaScript developers now require structure in their code, and gone are the days of jQuery spaghetti. But what do these frameworks give the community other than an overwhelming amount of options with their own philosophies on app development? Honestly – not much. The important part about large scale app development in JavaScript is not what framework or toolset you’re using, it’s the software patterns you are utilizing to ensure your app is scalable, maintainable, and easy to understand.

A lightweight, flexible and unsemantic CSS grid framework