A call for an open platform for risk and compliance


Last week I spoke at an event in New York, where a joint initiative between Hortonworks and Eikos Partners was announced. Having built a number of risk solutions over the years it has become quite apparent that we build the same things over and over again, each time typically from scratch, spending many man hours repeating what has gone before. There has to be a better way to do this, especially in the light that many of our clients and prospective clients all have the same end goals in mind, i.e. compyling with rules set by the regulatory authorities. We need to be able to move from a combative to collaborative relationship with the regulatory authorities and stop chasing our tails.

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The Eikos Collateral Management Solution (ECMS) allows the buy-side to maintain liquidity and manage different types of risk by providing a single point of reference to monitor, analyze, and minimize a funds’ collateral and risk exposure across all trading counterparties. The single platform and interface design provides the Cash Management Team an early indication of all their funds liquidity level before the start of the trading session.

Eikos Partners on regulatory compliance and risk

How does (big) data effect regulatory compliance and risk? How to future proof regulatory change? Learn how intelligence can turn compliance into a revenue generator.

Data governance and risk. A marriage made in heaven.

Today's business is run by data, high quality data, especially in the risk world. Good quality data delivered to the hands of the right business user is key to understanding an organization's risk profile. How the user interacts with the data is pretty much determined / defined by their place within the organization and their function. 

How can intelligence turn compliance into a revenue generator?

How does (big) data effect regulatory compliance and risk? Learn how intelligence can turn compliance into a revenue generator.

How to future proof regulatory change?

The business requirement

A major financial institution engaged Eikos Partners to determine how their current risk and financial systems needed to be changed to future proof regulatory change as well as its business requirements. We concluded that a structural change had to be put in place so that our client would be able to reconciliate its data from all required – and disparate – sources.