Will deregulation invalidate investments in Risk Systems Infrastructure?

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The 2008 financial crisis initiated a swath of regulations relating to capital and its allocation and demanded a much more rigorous measurement of risk factors. Financial firms’ responded with a surge of investments in risk systems infrastructure to ensure compliance.

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Will building a Liquidity Monitoring System from the bottom-up satisfy regulators?

Eight years after the credit crisis, banks are still struggling to map out and build a comprehensive collateral/liquidity management solution that will satisfy Dodd-Frank. From the bank’s perspective, the new normal is to accept the fines. This is viewed as a far more cost effective solution than justifying a sizeable investment to fix a system that is deemed too complex for a department that is traditionally considered to be a cost center. 

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Cloud Security: how to mitigate the risk?

As more startup’s look to the cloud as their platform of choice, the question becomes how secure is the cloud – and more importantly the applications built on this infrastructure? What can we do to mitigate the risk? 

The Spark that ignites big data

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The world is data centric. We produce and consume data in an ever increasing amount. While there is value to this data, analyzing and inferring its value remains quite the challenge.

The big data platforms are a mixed bag of technologies so adoption has been slow and challenging. Just think about the knowledge required to learn all the different languages for each of the connecting pieces, creating an implementation barrier.

Data governance and risk. A marriage made in heaven.

Today's business is run by data, high quality data, especially in the risk world. Good quality data delivered to the hands of the right business user is key to understanding an organization's risk profile. How the user interacts with the data is pretty much determined / defined by their place within the organization and their function.