Open source participation: yay or nay?


 The question of open source participation was brought up in a recent Forbes article, which asked: "Is Open Source Participation Worthwhile?". As any developer knows, every platform has its own issues. In the case of open source, issues arise around ownership and licensing. It can be hard to track where the source code originated, and developers don’t always get the credit they deserve. In another article featured in the Linux Journal, the author declares that net giants are dependent on open source but fail to give credit for the work that developers do. 

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OpenFin Layouts. Our initial assessment.


News: Eikos Partners commercializes user-adopted, open source JavaScript toolkit to help sell and buy side firms build new-era technology skills and capabilities


Why we commercialized an open source JavaScript toolkit


Digital transformation is hampered by misalignment between IT and the rest of the organization.

As developers, we typically spend a large portion of our time building software infrastructure to make building the business applications easier and quicker. The challenge when building this infrastructure is that it is time consuming if you do it the right way and therefore risks not being reusable across projects. Same for the developers’ focus when building applications. Shouldn’t this be on the business functionality and not the plumbing?

OpenFin: electron-based runtime with real advantages for banks

Trends in the IT world are probably its most defining character. Just when you have finished (or mostly finished) building your applications based on the current technology it is time to start thinking about what is next. Today, now that the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems are no longer the only players in town and mobile devices are so ubiquitous, a major trend we see is the ability to service multiple platforms from a single code-base.

Why I ❤️ Git

Everyone knows that in order to have a successful project, you need to be managing your product well. Gita free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency, is the perfect tool for this. When used with task managers such as Jira, Git can be taken to further levels as it serves as a complete documentation and history of your product.