What you need to know: IT careers for 2019


Many companies are facing challenges retaining employees with traditional IT expertise, so they’re not able to increase their IT staff when they’re focused on filling in the gaps after IT pros leave. Companies that do plan to increase staff are often targeting specific IT skills rather than general expertise.

News: Glue42 and Eikos Partners to tackle the last mile of the integration journey


New York, NY - Glue42, the company bringing an entirely new desktop experience to buy and sell side firms and retail banks, is partnering with us to resolve the last mile of the integration journey. The aim is to close the disconnect between desktop and back-office needs, which is typically the last hurdle as part of a bank’s digital transformation or employee experience management program.

Many desktop and web apps contain significant amounts of UI and business logic, yet the front end is often ignored. This situation, combined with changing development techniques and new frameworks, means that traditional server-side integration concepts will not help. Simplifying the desktop experience from the data-center is not practicable.

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News: Eikos Partners commercializes user-adopted, open source JavaScript toolkit to help sell and buy side firms build new-era technology skills and capabilities


Forbes - How to make app design beautiful and useful

Everyone in finance faces dozens, perhaps hundreds, of them every working day, but usually without a second thought, unless they are really awful.

They are the user interfaces on desktops, tablets and phones. Designing them well requires people who can combine a knowledge of data, computers and design.

Mike Lee, a principal in user experience design at Eikos Partners, a leading New York financial services consulting firm, said a designer needs to have an eye for art in the first place. When he is evaluating a designer he looks at five things — layout, spacing, color, their use of size and their style.