JobAdvisor - When I grow up I want to be a Full Stack Developer


With this constantly changing landscape one has to be ready to wear whatever “hat” is required by the given task. This can be a problem as organizations grow and the demand for specialists increases. Skills can atrophy if they are not used often enough in projects, which can lead to having to relearn a skill when the demand returns.

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Flatiron School - Eikos CTO On Hiring Tech Talent

David Lattimore-Gay, Partner and Chief Technology Officer at Eikos, recently spoke with Flatiron School about his experience interviewing and hiring Flatiron School grads. And it’s no surprise to us which characteristics he said are common amongst successful candidates.

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Flarrio - The Scary Pace of Tech Disruption in Finance #tech2016

Brian Slater answers the following question: What is the primary change you see in FinTech in next couple of quarters?

Forbes - How to make app design beautiful and useful

Everyone in finance faces dozens, perhaps hundreds, of them every working day, but usually without a second thought, unless they are really awful.

They are the user interfaces on desktops, tablets and phones. Designing them well requires people who can combine a knowledge of data, computers and design.

Mike Lee, a principal in user experience design at Eikos Partners, a leading New York financial services consulting firm, said a designer needs to have an eye for art in the first place. When he is evaluating a designer he looks at five things — layout, spacing, color, their use of size and their style.