Can Free Be Too Expensive?


A lot of interest has been generated by Goldman Sachs announcing that they will be providing their own software and tools available to others. This gesture should not be confused with opensourcing. It is still Goldman Sachs’ property, but those who take it are free to make changes to meet their needs.

This opens an entire set of questions for their end users. Or at least, it should.

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The Spark that ignites big data

This blog originally appeared on Tabb Forum. 

The world is data centric. We produce and consume data in an ever increasing amount. While there is value to this data, analyzing and inferring its value remains quite the challenge.

The big data platforms are a mixed bag of technologies so adoption has been slow and challenging. Just think about the knowledge required to learn all the different languages for each of the connecting pieces, creating an implementation barrier.

Kanban vs. Scrum vs. Agile – Part 1: Which PMI framework to choose?


Recently I overheard a conversation where someone asked the question: "Is Scrum better, or Kanban?", "How do I need to execute my project? Using Kanban or Scrum?". Sometimes there are also questions like “Is Kanban agile?” or “What about Scrum vs. agile?”. These questions, as well as many different opinions, put many managers in a dilemma about which framework to embrace. 

The human side of DevOps

Businesses are demanding that they have applications of higher quality and faster delivery, with features allowing them to be more competitive in the marketplace, whilst looking to reduce Total Cost of Ownership. This is where DevOps will be instrumental, if implemented correctly, to the success of the IT organization to meet these increasing demands.

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Flatiron School - Eikos CTO On Hiring Tech Talent

David Lattimore-Gay, Partner and Chief Technology Officer at Eikos, recently spoke with Flatiron School about his experience interviewing and hiring Flatiron School grads. And it’s no surprise to us which characteristics he said are common amongst successful candidates.

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The reality of IT and its relationship with the enterprise

The other day I read that a major software solution supplier to the financial industry (who shall remain nameless) had published a report, based on a survey, that had as a key finding that there was a disconnect between Business and IT management. I must say that I sat stunned for a few minutes, not by the finding, but by the fact that someone should have paid to find this out. This has been a factor for years, actually decades, and I can remember sitting with other CIO’s twenty years ago discussing this issue, along with the parallel one of “how we can measure and communicate the value of IT”. 

Flarrio - The Scary Pace of Tech Disruption in Finance #tech2016

Brian Slater answers the following question: What is the primary change you see in FinTech in next couple of quarters?

CIO versus CDO - Who is in charge?

I have recently been writing about the success or otherwise of the efforts to simplify a firms IT environment by reducing platforms and establishing a Single Source Data Repository (SSDR) to capture and provide “the truth”. 

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How to manage technical debt

The biggest oversight that can cripple any project’s future milestones is not allowing the development team time to refactor. As long as the application works, the project sponsor often views refactoring as an unnecessary cost in resource and money that can be used elsewhere in the build process. This often leads to technical debt that eventually needs to be balanced out. 

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