The value of DevOps

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IT has long grappled with the question of what value DevOps provides, something we have discussed elsewhere. Methodologies used in IT also bring a similar question, if its more efficient how much, and therefore is it something we should consider changing to from our current way of doing things.

Visualizing financial flows using D3

D3 Packing Circles

Almost everyone is responsible for tracking finances, whether it be for an investment group or for your family. When faced with an investment or a big purchase, we don’t always rely on mental arithmetic to come up with a solution. People don’t typically close their eyes and visualize a spreadsheet and financial statements, but think in relations and networks. Raw data only becomes necessary once the amount of data becomes too overwhelming. D3,or Data-Driven Documents, can help connect these areas of thought. D3.js is a Javascript library that offers many tools to help you visualize your financial flows in a way your subconscious will appreciate.

How to mock web servers using Node.js - Part 2: Websockets server

In Part 1, we explored how to mock web servers with Node.js using HTTP. In Part 2, we create a WebSockets server to allow for full-duplex communications between the client and server. The great thing about the node project is that with a single project we can create as many servers as we would like. So, we can continue to use the project from part 1 to build our second server.

Kanban vs. Scrum vs. Agile – Part 1: Which PMI framework to choose?


Recently I overheard a conversation where someone asked the question: "Is Scrum better, or Kanban?", "How do I need to execute my project? Using Kanban or Scrum?". Sometimes there are also questions like “Is Kanban agile?” or “What about Scrum vs. agile?”. These questions, as well as many different opinions, put many managers in a dilemma about which framework to embrace. 

The human side of DevOps

Businesses are demanding that they have applications of higher quality and faster delivery, with features allowing them to be more competitive in the marketplace, whilst looking to reduce Total Cost of Ownership. This is where DevOps will be instrumental, if implemented correctly, to the success of the IT organization to meet these increasing demands.

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