6 step guide to successful project management and IT ROI

In an earlier blog we discussed below horizon risks that the CIO has to face and manage. These are largely unknown to the organization, at least until they get it totally wrong! In the cases where initiatives fail, often the reason isn’t the technology, but how well it is managed, and that leads back to project management.

Can IT management & CIOs surf the technology waves?

I have always posed the point that IT management has a much greater impact on the bottom line than a company’s management ever realizes. That's because the decisions they make today have a tail impact that may not be evident for years—by which time the impact will be unavoidable. A good CIO has to recognize this, and needs to weigh the future risks involved in the decisions and the strategies they make now, as these will become a part of the makings of a future cost structure which has limited or no room for reduction.

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CIO versus CDO - Who is in charge?

I have recently been writing about the success or otherwise of the efforts to simplify a firms IT environment by reducing platforms and establishing a Single Source Data Repository (SSDR) to capture and provide “the truth”. 

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What’s the future for the role of the CIO?

I recently sat in a conference listening to a panel of financial industry CIO’s bemoaning a number of critical factors that they had to deal with and issues they face, such as:

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