Deliver business apps in days instead of weeks?

On February 8, the Eikos Partners team held a breakfast seminar at The Bryant Park Hotel's Terrace Loft. It was a morning filled with engaging presentations, breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and thoughtful discussions on hot topics facing the industry today.

Topics: Business apps

Rendering optimization for faster web applications?

With the increasing popularity of mobile browsing, it has become expected of us web developers to build some sort of responsiveness into our projects. From personal experience, the majority of sites I visit on my mobile device do have some responsive design elements, however the experience is often still lacking due to poor performance. Site performance is a broad topic and can be affected by a lot of areas, but I will focus on some simple line items you can use to increase the rendering performance of an application.

Topics: Business apps

UX considerations when developing web apps for mobile devices

When developing web apps for different devices and platforms there are various things you have to keep in mind. For example, a web app on a desktop can have very small buttons, while on an iPad this would be unacceptable. On a mobile device you would need big touch screen areas to maintain the same level of user experience as you would have on a desktop. If the user has a hard time clicking buttons in your app they will stop using it.

Check out our latest collateral management app powered by OpenFin

The Eikos Collateral Management Solution (ECMS) allows the buy-side to maintain liquidity and manage different types of risk by providing a single point of reference to monitor, analyze, and minimize a funds’ collateral and risk exposure across all trading counterparties. The single platform and interface design provides the Cash Management Team an early indication of all their funds liquidity level before the start of the trading session.