Kanban vs. Scrum vs. Agile – Part 3: Fundamental concepts of PMI frameworks

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we defined Scrum and Kanban, discussed how they are related to the word “agile” and compared / contrasted the two. Now, it’s time to decide which agile process to choose for your project and / or organization.

The value of DevOps

This blog originally appeared on Finextra.

IT has long grappled with the question of what value DevOps provides, something we have discussed elsewhere. Methodologies used in IT also bring a similar question, if its more efficient how much, and therefore is it something we should consider changing to from our current way of doing things.

Kanban vs. Scrum vs. Agile- Part 2: How to bring agile to your team?

Kanban vs. Scrum vs. Agile – Part 1: Which PMI framework to choose?


Recently I overheard a conversation where someone asked the question: "Is Scrum better, or Kanban?", "How do I need to execute my project? Using Kanban or Scrum?". Sometimes there are also questions like “Is Kanban agile?” or “What about Scrum vs. agile?”. These questions, as well as many different opinions, put many managers in a dilemma about which framework to embrace. 

How to refactor code

I have always been a fan of refactoring, ever since my intern days. My earliest coding sessions were always reviewed and refactored by a more experienced mentor. I still push for weekly sessions, which include discussions on design and direction, as well as deep dives into refactoring. But how exactly does one refactor? Below I have listed the four essential steps to do so.

Are you an IT architect with experience in financial services?

Job description

We are looking for a motivated self-starter, with a proven capacity to “get stuff done”, to join our team as a developer/architect. This position will work with members of our team, potentially interacting directly with client business, and business IT on leading edge solutions to the financial industry in the areas of electronic trading, risk, liquidity, trade management and surfacing enterprise data to mobile platforms. We are a firm where creativity, and the ability to deliver intuitive solutions to the business problem, is recognized. This person is expected to take ownership for solutions or key parts of them, as well as being comfortable working within a team. Position is for either full time employee, or subcontractor. We pay competitively.