News: Glue42 and Eikos Partners to tackle the last mile of the integration journey



New York, NY - Glue42, the company bringing an entirely new desktop experience to buy and sell side firms and retail banks, is partnering with us to resolve the last mile of the integration journey. The aim is to close the disconnect between desktop and back-office needs, which is typically the last hurdle as part of a bank’s digital transformation or employee experience management program.

Many desktop and web apps contain significant amounts of UI and business logic, yet the front end is often ignored. This situation, combined with changing development techniques and new frameworks, means that traditional server-side integration concepts will not help. Simplifying the desktop experience from the data-center is not practicable.

James Wooster, COO, Glue42, said, “We understand what it means to treat the user’s desktop as a first-class citizen. As such, we are driving integration standards up the stack from pure interop through universal search, and notifications to advanced window management.”

“Eikos Partners will be crucial in helping us deliver the ultimate user experience and identifying relevant use cases within financial services,” Wooster continued. We have aggressive development plans for the remainder of 2018 and 2019. One area for immediate exploration is the use of UX analytics and how, with the right kind of data capture and visualization, we can uncover new operational insights and areas for optimization”

David Gay, partner and CTO, Eikos Partners, said, “We tested Glue42’s technology and were impressed with the breadth and depth of its functionality. We see many use cases, e.g. for advanced window management and UX analytics in a front and back-office setting.”

“In order, to reap the benefits, developers will need to be able break up the apps into smaller modules that can act independently,” Gay continued. “This concept of micro frontends combined with Glue42’s technology lends itself very well to addressing the front-end UI challenge. However, this approach means that developers at financial institutions need to reconsider what an app is, and how they can build these, knowing that they may be repurposed over time.”

Both partners will be demonstrating use cases on Tuesday, September 25 during a joint webinar: ‘Advanced Window Management for the Financial Desktop’. You can register here to see some of the platform’s capabilities in action.




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