Case Study: Building a high performing hedge fund blotter


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A top 10 hedge fund was dissatisfied with its existing order blotter. While implemented in the existing browser, it was not performing and the user interface was poorly designed and could not keep up with the 100K updates a minute. Furthermore, users were not able to have multiple windows open simultaneously or take advantage of late order entry. 

To meet the traders’ requirements, Eikos Partners recommend a container approach. Moving the blotter inside OpenFin enabled multi-window application and window functionality like docking, minimizing and maximizing only those windows of interest, plus preserving window placement between user sessions.

Integrating container technology such as OpenFin with JSCatalyst, enabled a level of integration allowing the apps to collaborate. This approach, in turn provided a cohesive application and helped the organization to centralize authorization and delivery of legacy applications. There was no need for a big bang approach as apps could be migrated as dictated by time and necessity. 

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Topics: Trading Technology, Tech Leadership