Business and IT collaboration: the road to an integrated approach to design

From our February 8 breakfast seminar: Speeding up app delivery from weeks to days, our Senior UX Designer Mike Lee on using a design thinking process to better collaborate with the business while enabling the delivery of business functionality within days.

Deliver business apps in days instead of weeks?

On February 8, the Eikos Partners team held a breakfast seminar at The Bryant Park Hotel's Terrace Loft. It was a morning filled with engaging presentations, breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and thoughtful discussions on hot topics facing the industry today.

Topics: Business apps

Can a data lake save investment firms millions?

According to TabbFORUM, investment managers annually spend millions of dollars in avoidable direct costs due to poor data management technology and operations architecture. Within many large organizations, the management of data is left solely to the business verticals, and in some cases to individual teams. This breeds data duplication, and the quality of the final data can be questionable at best. To add insult to injury, data is obfuscated through poor usage of tools like Excel.  BMA’s, (Business Managed Applications) when built in Excel are fraught with data linage issues, along with maintenance of the sheet, which in the best of cases is tedious. Through these current entrenched practices, companies are throwing millions of dollars away.

Topics: Data management

WPF or web technologies for future desktop application development?

Still using WPF to build desktop applications? Watch our CTO, David Lattimore-Gay explain why web technologies are the future for application development at FinJS NYC.

Topics: App development

.Net versus JavaScript for desktop application development

Building performant desktop applications has been very much the domain of Microsoft’s .NET and associated technologies. This is changing. And, very rapidly. Web technologies have grown up, and running JavaScript in the browser has demonstrated time and time again that it’s no slouch.

Topics: App development

From Data Swamps to Data Lakes

Data is the backbone of any application.
 Without good data, without a solid foundation, the applications that we build are unstable and possibly detrimental to the business: they can and will provide bad insights which may and will lead to less than desirable actions, putting the business at risk.

Cloud Security: how to mitigate the risk?

As more startup’s look to the cloud as their platform of choice, the question becomes how secure is the cloud – and more importantly the applications built on this infrastructure? What can we do to mitigate the risk? 

DGIQ afterthoughts


Hear our CTO, David Lattimore-Gay as he shares his afterthoughts on DGIQ 2016, big data and related topics.

6 easy steps for teams within financial institutions to facilitate change and innovate

Excess organizational buildup is at the core of a number of the issues that we face when trying to facilitate change within a financial institution. Most often this buildup occurs over time and is hard to effectively eliminate unless you are dedicated and single-minded about its removal. Fads only provide short term relief, but sooner or later the buildup returns more insidious than before. What is needed is a long term approach to reducing the organizational buildup and recognizing the reasons why it's there in the first place. Then, one must address those issues at the source and keep a constant vigil in ensuring that it does not return. 

Live from DGIQ 2016: Day 3


Hear our CTO, David Lattimore-Gay's latest opinions from DGIQ as he shares his views on big data and related topics. We will update vlogs on a regular basis.