Deliver business apps in days instead of weeks?

On February 8, the Eikos Partners team held a breakfast seminar at The Bryant Park Hotel's Terrace Loft. It was a morning filled with engaging presentations, breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and thoughtful discussions on hot topics facing the industry today.

Topics: Business apps

Rendering optimization for faster web applications?

With the increasing popularity of mobile browsing, it has become expected of us web developers to build some sort of responsiveness into our projects. From personal experience, the majority of sites I visit on my mobile device do have some responsive design elements, however the experience is often still lacking due to poor performance. Site performance is a broad topic and can be affected by a lot of areas, but I will focus on some simple line items you can use to increase the rendering performance of an application.

Topics: Business apps

Can protocol buffers improve the speed of your website?

Recently, I started doing research into protocol buffers and decided to run performance tests to see if they are a viable option for reducing server response time over traditional JSON APIs. As I am new to protocol buffers, I made a demo site to test the different API types. See it here.

Topics: Developer Tools

Creating animations using CSS or JavaScript?

On a recent project, I created a UI rolodex style component. After moving past the irony of making a virtual component of one of the oldest ways to display cards, I was able to get in-depth experience using CSS animations and transitions. When complete, I was rather happy with the component so I decided to blog about my experience.

Can IT management & CIOs surf the technology waves?

I have always posed the point that IT management has a much greater impact on the bottom line than a company’s management ever realizes. That's because the decisions they make today have a tail impact that may not be evident for years—by which time the impact will be unavoidable. A good CIO has to recognize this, and needs to weigh the future risks involved in the decisions and the strategies they make now, as these will become a part of the makings of a future cost structure which has limited or no room for reduction.

Topics: CIO

Can a reusable NPM package help build flexible fintech apps?

This past year we've created a second version of our framework, ScaleJS 2.0. The framework is quite small out of the box, which gives the developer the flexibility in how it is used. Because of that, we've created a number of NPM packages that we think of as extensions to the core framework.

Topics: App development

Can a data lake save investment firms millions?

According to TabbFORUM, investment managers annually spend millions of dollars in avoidable direct costs due to poor data management technology and operations architecture. Within many large organizations, the management of data is left solely to the business verticals, and in some cases to individual teams. This breeds data duplication, and the quality of the final data can be questionable at best. To add insult to injury, data is obfuscated through poor usage of tools like Excel.  BMA’s, (Business Managed Applications) when built in Excel are fraught with data linage issues, along with maintenance of the sheet, which in the best of cases is tedious. Through these current entrenched practices, companies are throwing millions of dollars away.

Topics: Data management

Electron: Create a single app for Windows, Linux, and Mac

The days of the Microsoft Windows operating system domination are over. Apple and, to a lesser extent, Linux have taken back a major portion of the marketplace. But this presents companies with a new challenge: how to create feature-rich apps for multiple operating systems without maintaining multiple codesets.

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WPF or web technologies for future desktop application development?

Still using WPF to build desktop applications? Watch our CTO, David Lattimore-Gay explain why web technologies are the future for application development at FinJS NYC.

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Does open source HTML5 guarantee cross-enterprise sharing?

HTML5 and JavaScript are truly versatile technologies. The existing ecosystem for JavaScript components is vast and open, with things like NPM Registry and GitHub. A recent article in TabbFORUM highlights how HTML5 can be leveraged in any application across an enterprise, while enabling company-wide collaboration and sharing. Although this is true, it is important to understand that this is not an inherent attribute in HTML5, but rather one that is facilitated by its openness. Unfortunately, across many enterprises there is resistance to leveraging open source tools. This is something that needs to change to truly embrace reuse of application code within a business.

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