JSCatalyst is a JavaScript toolkit that accelerates application development. The open source toolkit is built with consistent performance in mind and provides an alternative to existing toolkits by allowing apps within legacy ecosystems e.g. .NET and Java to participate as well.

JSCatalyst helps development teams focus on business functionality when building desktop and mobile apps in JavaScript or HTML, leaving software infrastructure to the open source community. The technology stack also provides designers with a tool to declaratively build user interfaces that function across all types of devices and browsers.

In combination with our design thinking methodology it helps development teams iron out 95 percent of operational and infrastructure challenges when creating apps. Enable developers to focus on business functionality – and not infrastructure plumbing - so they can support strategic business initiatives from day one.

Implementation examples include a blotter, a high performant, low-latency, styled application for traders at a hedge fund to a rapid application development and deployment framework for a tier one investment bank .

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